Art Opens Doors

Art Opens Doors is an art oriented societal integration program for families and young people within the Ukrainian community in Finland. The integration program will include regular meetings and club activities in Finnish, Russian and in Ukrainian. The project is organized by Children's Culture Center Musikantit, and has been funded by Alli Paasikivi Foundation. The activities will take place at Kurkimäki Community Center / Children's Culture Center Musikantit, in Helsinki.

The project will take place between August 2024 and January 2025.


  1. Mother and child -Language Cafe

  2. Meetings with representatives from welfare organizations (pre-school education, primary school education, child welfare)

  3. Music play school (3 months to 3 year old)

  4. Art Hours for the whole family

  5. Theater group for children

  6. Ending discussion for the parents on the topic of integration process

In general, the program's goal is to offer the participants a meeting place, where they can get to know one another as well as the local community, while finding themselves a suitable activity to benefit their integration. The meeting point will host meetings with representatives of important welfare organizations to spread important information.

As an employer we bring together professionals from all over the creative field. With this program we aim to recruit people especially from immigrant backgrounds. Our intention is to find specifically team members skilled in the Ukrainian language. We are also welcoming volunteers to join our planning process for the project.