Children's Culture Center is a multicultural hobby venue and a meeting place for families

Musikantit organizes events, clubs and activities especially for children and teens. Our services include music, theater, dance, arts, languages and exercise. In addition we are responsible for the upkeep of Kurkimäki Community Center, which operates as the neighbourhood meeting place as well as an event venue open for all.

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Children's Culture Center Musikantit offers daycares a fun destination and a happy day for the little artists. We can tailor a visit to suit your needs. For example we provide:

  • Theatre performances for all ages

  • Concerts

  • Workshops

  • Exercise

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We have organized many events at Helmet-libraries, including:

  • Musical performances
  • Inviting kids to try out new instruments with instructors
  • Sing-alongs

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We have collaborated with schools for a long time. For example we offer:

  • Performances
  • Theater
  • Concerts

  • Workshops

  • Various events, including talent shows

  • After-school activities

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For more information please contact 0102 190 190

Kurkimäki Community Center

A versatile meeting point. Take part, influence, learn, encounter, experience, all this and much more! Are you looking for a space for your event? Contact us!

The foundations of our operation are based on different courses, clubs and camps, which create the framework for positive and meaningful experiences.

We organize events, performances, concerts, theater, dance, seminars and exercise for children, youngsters, adults and senior citizens.

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In cooperation

Central Finland Regional Office
  • City of Helsinki
  • City of Espoo
  • Central Finland Regional Office
  • Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Arts Promotion Centre Finland

  • Ruslania Books
  • Alli Paasikivi Foundation